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10 Story ideas to spark your imagination.

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10 story ideas.

Feel free to use any of these ideas - and don't worry - no matter how many people use them, the stories will all be different!

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  1. What if you invited a stranger to come and stay - and they did.

 2. What if you discovered that you were not human?

 3. What if you decided to give up every aspect of your life up to now and start again?

 4. What if you discovered a book which was identical to your own life, and went further?

  5. What if an online dating agency made a mistake?

 6.       6. After two dreams come true, a man dreams is that he is   murdered.

 7. A woman discovers some horrifying detail about her prospective brother-in-law's past.

 8. A woman falls in love with a man in a painting - so she tries to track him down.

9.     She realised too late what a stupid thing she'd done.

10.   Meg felt a kind of elation as the plane touched down. She had made it, she had escaped her nightmare. Now she was ready to start her new life.