10 Story Ideas

Feel free to use any of these ideas. Even if a hundred people used them there wouldn't be any the same. Have fun!

1. What if you stripped off your wallpaper and found something underneath? An article from an old newspaper, for example.

2. What if you were in the middle of a lake and your boat began to leak?

3. What if your dog ran off and disappeared down a hole in the ground?

4. Some children find a time capsule in the garden of their new house. It holds some scary information.

5. An under-sea quake disturbs something which has being lying dormant and now it's on its way to the surface.

6. Opening the door a crack, she saw ...

7. I knew I was trapped.

8. He stared disbelievingly at the words on the screen.

9. Jack ran fast. His legs pumped and he pushed himself past the point of pain. He had to get away.

10. The creature had escaped from its cage. Now it travelled under cover of darkness, looking for prey. Human prey ...