*     A Measure of the Soul

For Harriet Baker, looking after her ailing father is a distressing burden, but after his death she is faced with more problems.

It is 1918, and when her brother, Alex, goes missing while on compassionate leave, she fears the consequences of desertion. His mental state is precarious and when he is discovered, she must succumb to blackmail to protect him.

Certainly not a time to fall in love, and can she trust Doctor Ken Winterton? Which way do his loyalties lie?

This book is in Kindle format only. 


                     Writing for Children  

How to become a published children's author. A Step-By-Step guide.

I have tried to make this book clear and readable, with bullet-pointed lists and absolutely no 'waffle'. Every single paragraph will help you towards your dream of being published. There are a number if Story Sparks scattered in the pages as well as websites of random generators, for fun and to help inspire ideas.

It also contains a long section on writing poetry, by well-known author, tutor and inspirational speaker, Alison Chisholm.