* Watchers of the Sky    (Educational Printing Services Ltd)

Since witnessing the plane crash in 1931 in which Douglas Bader lost his legs, Philip Earnshaw has admired the air ace as he copes with such a disability. He himself suffers from dyslexia and although no name has yet been given to it, he knows that he is not as stupid as everyone thinks. Bader's true exploits are relayed to Philip by his aircraft engineer father. Philip prepares to leave school and hold down a part time job, as well as coping with rationing, air raids and the discovery of a German parachute.  

'My grandson, who is not a keen reader, absolutely loved this book.' Mrs B, South Bucks


ISBN: 1-904904-43-2


* The Charioteer's Son   (Anglia Young Books - an imprint of Mill Publishing Ltd)

Julius dreams of becoming a charioteer like his father but his family are slaves to a retired army general and they have recently moved to Britannia - to Aquae Sulis.

Within days of their arrival the master's family is in danger and Julius is the only one who might be able to identify the kidnapper.


ISBN: 1-871173-96-5IS

Out of print. Available for Kindle

*The Curse of the Full Moon (Educational Printing Services Ltd) *

Simon is frightened by a ghostly figure in the woods near his home, but then he learns about the legend of the Green Man. When the local council wants to cut down trees to make way for houses and a sports centre, he joins his dad and others in a demonstration, and is devastated to find out that his best friend's dad is the builder contracted to do the job.


ISBN: 1-904904-11-4


* Let's Have  Story (Educational Printing Services Ltd)

An assembly book of 50 stories especially for infants. Ten themes each with five stories followed by Things to Talk About and Things to Do.



* The Rat Catchers (Anglia Young Books - an imprint of Mill Publishing Ltd)

Joe is eleven and has a job working on a barge on the Regent Canal, London. It is 1863 and life is hard. Joe dreams of escaping and joining his father in Australia. One day he is attacked in a dark alley and forced into service by men who enjoy the sport of ratting. But when he falls asleep whilst acting as lookout, the men are not pleased and Joe and his friend Emily are forced to pay for his mistake...

 ISBN: 1-871173-91-4

Out of print. Available for Kindle

* Victorian Britain  (History Quick Reads) (Anglia Young Books - an imprint of Mill Publishing Ltd)


The Castle Builder, Daisy's Diary, The Runaway

Three exciting and easy to read stories about children in Victorian Britain. Historical notes at the end of each story set the scene and there is also a glossary to explain any unfamiliar words.  

ISBN: 1-871133-87-6


* Where Horses Have Wings (Forward Press)

Lisa and Scott go to look for hawks and falcons in the countryside behind their new home, but they find more than birds when they discover a world beneath the hills where horses have wings.

ISBN: 1-870448-4-7



* The One That Got Away  (Educational Printing Services Ltd)


When Mike, John and Sophie have the idea of looking after small pets while their owners are on holiday, they think it will be an easy way of making some pocket money. But one or two of the pets are not quite what they had bargained for, and when one of them escapes, there's no telling where it will end up...

ISBN: 1-900818-87-6



* Let's Think (Educational Printing Services Ltd) with Paul Cleghorn

An assembly book of 50 philosophical stories in ten different themes: Justice, patience, truth, etc. 

ISBN: 1-900818-13-2



* A Marrow Escape (Educational Printing Services Ltd) *


Dad has 'flu' and it's Kelly's job to look after his prize marrow. But when it goes missing she and her friend Sam need to work hard to stop Dad finding out. Can they get the prize veggie back in time for the big competition on Saturday? With the help of her brother Zac and his friend, the chase is on... 

ISBN: 1-900818-61-2



* Everyone Can Write a Story  (Educational Printing Services Ltd)

A book aimed to help children to improve their creative writing.

- Photocopiable A4 format

- Lots of examples and room for children to write on the page.


ISBN: 1-904374-44-1



* Inspirational Lives  (Educational Printing Services Ltd)  


An assembly book giving brief biographies of fifty great people from a wide range of backgrounds. Most have faced adversity with courage and strength. Some have worked selflessly to improve the living/working conditions of others. A few have strived to succeed in seemingly impossible situations. 

ISBN: 1-904374-57-3




* Let's Find Out  (Educational Printing Services Ltd)


A brief glimpse into the lives of fifty great people. A moment of change or discovery, a turning point which led to or demonstrates the reason for their greatness. These are dramatised, sometimes with dialogue.

- No dates or dull facts

- Questions which follow each story challenge students to do further research

- Quotes from the subjects

- Other events that happened in the world at the time of their birth

ISBN: 1-904374-43-3



* The Owlers (Educational Printing Services Ltd)  *

Jack's father is a smuggler. When the Prime inister orders all the boats to be burnt Jack and his friend Will try to warn the people of Deal.

But when the soldiers on hores-back clatter down the main street, Jacks' dad is missing...

This story is based on a true event.

ISBN: 1-904904-87-4



* Dracula is Back (Back to Front) 

When Jon Harker and his step-sister, Sarah, accept a lift from a stranger after getting lost on the ski slopes in Romania, they are driven to a dark, intimidating castle and taken prisoner. Escape seems impossible and they realise with growing horror that the man who calls himself Count Dracula is not the gracious host he seems.

The present and past become strangely confused as they try to convince themselves that it is all a nightmare. After all, vampires only exist in legends... don't they?


Now available on Kindle with a different cover. Just click the link.


  * Double Bubble Trouble (First published by Poolbeg Press). Now also available for Kindle

Gran has lost her glasses again!

'Four slices of jam and half a kilo of parrots, please,' she says, peering at her shopping list.

Sarah thinks it's all a giggle. Until Gran uses the new bubblebath ...

SQUAWK! says Pip, the budgie, hopping on his perch.

Is he trying to tell them something?

Click on the link to download your Kindle edition:


* Rock Bottom

(Kindle edition)

This is the story of 15-year-old Claire Bishop: a caregiver for her elderly mother; torn between her sense of duty and her desire for a "normal" adolescence. For those unfamiliar with such a dilemma, hers is an inspirational tale that offers a rare insight into the life of a young girl forced to mature, before even growing up.

And for all those faced with similar situations, it serves as an all too seldom reminder: you are not alone. 

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* The Breath of Demons (Kindle Edition)



This is one volume in the Moonstones series of stories for 8 to 12 year olds. Each story has an element of mystery or adventure, with a strong storyline, and is suitable for the multi-cultural classroom.

When Mike defies his father and takes part in the charity walk to London, he finds himself retracing the route of a 17th century post boy. Flitting without warning between past and present, he realises that the dangers facing Will have their 20th century equivalents and, as they near their destination, Mike has to come to terms with both Will's fate and his own future.

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 The Sin-Eater (Kindle Edition)


Sin-eating is an old custom in Britain whereby when someone died, a poor stranger was brought in off the street and given a crust of bread and bowl of ale, and took upon himself the sins of the deceased.

This story is about guilt and grief at the loss of someone close. It's also about bullying and about understanding problems within the family, and making decisions which may be controversial.

Jeremy's friends perform the sin-eating ritual over a dead cat and dare him to take on its sins. Jeremy appears to his friends to be acting somewhat cat-like but these are also symptoms of his grief, following the death of his friend.

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 The Downhill (Kindle Edition)

Carl and Robert uncover an unsolved mystery while skiing in the Swiss Alps.What sort of animal could have made those hiuge footprints? Who was the ghostly skier the boys watched go over the side of the mountain? And what has a boy who was killed in 1965 to do with Carl?

To download a copy, please click the link below.



Time Tunnel (Kindle Edition)


Ben's one big interest is railways, particularly steam locomotives, and his favourite is The Lord of the Isles..
When step-sister Karen's cat runs into the old disused railway tunnel it is Ben who is forced to go in and look for it. Halfway through the tunnel he realises that the rails are no longer rusty, but shiny with use, and what's more, he feels the vibration of an oncoming train.
The tunnel acts as a passage into the 19th century. The quest now is not only to find the cat, but to escape from Mr Burns, the sweep master, when he captures Ben and Tom, the chimney sweep.Can Karen help them escape?
And what will become of Tom?

To download a copy, please click here:




Mr Pattacake 10-book set.(3 book set shown)

This is a series of hilarious adventures of whacky chef, Mr Pattacake, and his lazy cat, Treacle. 

Full of bizarre characters and disastrous adventures, join in the hilarious antics  of this eccentric duo.

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 Set of 6 books:

Matt Sharp has a secret talent. If he touches dinosaur eggs, he experiences mysterious visions of the prehistoric world.

Join Matt, his dad, and his cousin, Jo, as they travel to extreme locations in their quest to discover more eggs, and battle Dad's rival, Frank Hellman, along the way!




The true story of the American Red Cross mission to rescue 800 Russian children from their retreat in the Urals, when they are caught in the Revolution front lines.


* Denotes books suitable for children with reading difficulties


 Other children's books by Stephanie Baudet

* A Present From Egypt

* In Someone Else's Shoes

* Back-to-Front Bob

* Avalanche

 * A Dog in Hiding

 * White Feathers