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In July I'm off to the Hong Kong Book Fair with my publisher (Sweet Cherry) to help promote The Dinosaur Detectives and Mr Pattacake series. WoW! 

Look out for my new books appearing on Amazon Kindle 

The Phantom Palomino

Unlucky for Some

Jokes and Recipes for Kids 


this great true story  The Long Way Home 


Writing for Children: How to Become A Published Children's Author. A Step by Step Guide

A clear, very readable how-to book based on my years of experience as a writer and tutor, with lots of my Story Sparks sprinkled throughout to provide instant inspiration!

Also ...

The first 3-book set of MR PATTACAKE stories. There will be 10 books in all. 

Funny tales about an eccentric chef and his cat, Treacle.

and ...

The Dinosaur Detectives.    

The first 4 books of a 10 book series is out now. 

A Measure of the Soul

An historical romance now rewritten and available on Kindle.